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12 February 2017 / Mike Fieldhouse

8 tips to optimise your Hubspot content

If you are writing content within Hubspot, using the Hubspot optimise tool will help you improve the quality of your content, encouraging more inbound traffic and creating more leads.

Read these 8 tips on optimising your Hubspot content:

  • Think about your personas and the purpose of the content. Choose relevant and appropriate keywords which reflect the search term you want to rank for.  Make sure you add these into the optimise tool
  • Use your key words in the page title, URL and meta description
  • Use your key words in the main body of content, but not more than 5 times per keyword as this will appear forced
  • Make your title engaging and snappy – under 70 characters is best
  • Write an appealing meta description that will make people want to read your content. An ideal length for your meta description is 120 – 150 characters.
  • Break up the text with headings – these will be picked up by search engines, as well as making it more easy on the eye
  • Include links, either to internal or external pages (make sure the external links open in a new tab, don’t encourage people to leave your site!)
  • Include images (and make sure you add alt tags to your images)

All these quick updates to your content will make a huge difference, but don’t forget that improving content and SEO will take consideration, consistency and work.


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