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3 June 2019 / Mike Fieldhouse

Introduce AI to your WordPress Website

There’s a lot of hype about AI – we’ve highlighted some of this in our overview of AI and Machine Learning. But the reality is AI is here and available now to plug in to your WordPress-based website. There are multiple plugins using AI-based systems available for WordPress and we’ve focused on these four established platforms that are designed to enable you to gain more from your content.


The aim of WordLift is to help your site deliver more relevant and inspiring content that is optimised for strong search engine ranking. It offers content creators information, images, links, and visuals that enhance each post or page. It then makes those pieces of content compatible with Schema Markup to improve indexability and SEO as well as offering recommendations on similar content to keep visitors on your website.

MyCurator Content Curation

My Curator aims to bring relevant articles to your attention so you can comment, review and feedback on your own site. In the same way that you might use RSS or Google Alerts, MyCurator delivers ideas that relate to your key interests; but unlike those systems, aims to continually refine the content it delivers so that the results match your specific requirements.


Powered by the sentiment analysis of IBM Watson, this plugin predicts the emotional reaction to your content – not only on your website but also on social media posts and emails. Using the key emotions of joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear, the system assess your content to see if it is delivering the impact you expect. For example, if you are creating content around a new tax, are you projecting the fear that will drive a prospect to contact you!

Automatic Alternative Textr

We all know that providing ALT tags or text for website images helps improve on page SEO. And, being honest, it is one of those easily overlooked activities. That’s where Automatic Alternative Textr comes in. Using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API , it identifies the content of images and automatically creates appropriate ALT text.

These four systems all use AI to help your website achieve a greater ROI, and it seems there are new AI based plugins published every day. At this stage, the effectiveness can vary but we’re more than happy to help you take your first steps into this incredible world.

Interested in knowing more, then please contact me, Mike Fieldhouse, or call 01225 580016.

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