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11 March 2019 / Mike Fieldhouse / 2 min read

Episodic Marketing – what we can learn from Eastenders…

Leigh Day Podcast Branding

For a long time content marketing has been king. Unfortunately, the increasing deluge of irrelevant articles posted out of LinkedIn, emailed, blogged and instagrammed means that many marketers are finding that content is losing its impact. And this is where Eastenders comes in and the idea of Episodic Marketing.

What is Episodic Marketing?

To state the obvious, there must be a series of episodes, with a singular theme, a regular cast of characters, much more emotive content and ideally a cliffhanger ending that will persuade the audience to sign-up/tune in to the next episode. And you need to make the sign up easy.

In other words, we’re looking at a very regular podcast, vlog (video blog) or blog – featuring the same presenter/writer with a very clear series of ideas that most likely involve interviewing a different person each episode.

The Leigh Day “Haven’t you heard?” Podcast

This is a great example of what’s possible. It is a podcast series where David Neita introduces a different social campaigner in each episode – Dawn Butler MP talking about the Windrush scandal, Richard Coles on LGBT rights – alongside a Lawyer from Leigh Day who outlines what laws would need to change for that each campaign to be successful.

So you have a consistent presenter, emotive content and a regular series. We were struggling with the cliffhanger ending but we did gain a regular audience – not just for the firm but also for those engaged in each individual campaign.

Take a look at our case study to see more and listen to the podcast – or binge listen which is another characteristic of episodic marketing.

So how does this work?

In very simple terms, like this…

  • You need to find a theme that appeals to your specific audience – “Exporting – a User’s Guide”; “Practical Shipping Law”; “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” (the last one has been done!)
  • Define your format and choose your medium (Podcast, vlogging etc).
  • Create a series of content planned well in advance.
  • Line up any guests.
  • Plan your recordings and away you go…

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