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9 August 2018 / Mike Fieldhouse / 1 min read

Gin – the next great marketing tool

Sending booze to clients at Christmas is fairly common place but realityhouse helped Memery Crystal take this so much further with a real creative twist.

Working with the marketing team and a client who happened to be a distiller, we created their own label black gin with a secret message.

Gin box

…secret message. Click play on the video to see it revealed…


The feedback has been phenomenal. But what do you think? Let us know.

More importantly, it is another example of where taking a creative approach delivers much stronger results in marketing projects.

To learn more about add creative flair to your marketing, download our guide or get in contact with our Creative Director – Anthony Mullinder – who will be happy to talk you through how to deliver the impact you need to make a difference to clients.

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