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11 February 2019 / Mike Fieldhouse / 2 min read

WordPress ‘Gutenberg’. Important, annoying and ultimately quite good.

Last year WordPress released Gutenberg – also known as v5.0 of its outstanding Content Management Platform. This is a major upgrade of the system; the next generation of WordPress and it provides a more stable, more secure and more flexible platform. Hurrah.

The most high profile update is a new back-end ‘drag and drop’ editing system that should (in theory) make editing pages and posts much, much easier. In practice, there have been mixed results as developers have attempted to retrofit this system to existing websites. More critically, there have been poor reviews of Gutenberg compared to other already available drag and drop systems for new websites. At the time of writing Gutenberg, has just a 2.7 stars out of 5 on the review section of the WordPress website.

So should you be worried?

If you’re an existing WordPress user – the simple answer is no. You can continue using your existing editing system and just benefit from the improved stability and flexibility of the new platform. It is worth asking your web developers about their upgrade programme (or we’re happy to talk you through what’s possible).

But what if you’re planning a new WordPress website? Here you have a more complex decision. Gutenberg is clearly the future but it does have limitations at this point. Do you go with it now and accept those limitations or go for a more traditional approach with a planned migration path? This will depend on the scale of your site, its proposed lifespan, your editing needs… the list goes on.

What’s next?

Gutenberg is here to stay and ultimately it is a very good thing. If you’d like to know more about the implications for your existing WordPress website or if you’re planning a new website, please call me, Mike Fieldhouse, on 01225 580016 or email me here.

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