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17 January 2019 / Mike Fieldhouse / 3 min read

Is your content talking to the right marketing persona?

Every piece of content takes time, budget and resources. To make that effort worthwhile, your content needs to be as engaging as possible. But who do you want to reach and what kind of information will they be interested in? This is where Marketing Personas come in.

Personas are a useful tool to identify what content you need to reach the right audience. They help you understand different types of potential clients, including their goals, behaviours and challenges, so you can tailor your content and messages to match their needs. By focusing on client needs, Personas help make your marketing campaigns stronger and relevant with content that will resonate more strongly with your audience.

But what exactly is a persona?

A persona represents a particular character within your potential client base; someone with all the characteristics typically shared by people in that group.

For example, the majority of people in a segment may be educated to a certain level, at a similar stage in their lives/careers and experiencing many of the same challenges and pain points. This will impact how you communicate with them and what you say. We give our personas names, like Technical Tim or Marketing Mary, to help us visualise them as real people and consider all the different aspects of their work lives, not just how they interact with us.

Deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time

Personas will help you deliver highly targeted content at different points in the buying cycle. So if people are looking at your products and services for the first time, you will want to focus on how you can help them achieve their goals or overcome specific challenges. Whereas those further down the line in the decision-making process will need content that addresses their objections to choosing you. Personas will help you develop targeted marketing campaigns that meet these different needs.

Personas help you think like a client

Personas are widely used as a tool to improve the client journey, from product functionality to online experiences. They are a great way of helping you see things from a client perspective, rather than an internal point of view. Without personas, you’re in danger of creating content based on what you know about your products and services, rather than what your clients actually want.

Now over to you to create your personas

Once you’ve developed your personas, don’t forget to share them with your colleagues. That way, you’ll all be on the same page and deliver consistent messages across all your interactions. Also, remember to update your personas regularly to reflect any changes and keep them relevant.

If you need a hand creating personas and developing targeted campaigns for your audience, we can help. Contact Mike Fieldhouse or Anthony Mullinder on 01225 580016 or fill in our contact form.

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