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8 February 2017 / Mike Fieldhouse

Quick wins for improving your SEO

Google receives over four million search queries per minute.  That is a LOT of people looking for answers and, if you can provide the solution, you may have just gained a client!

But there’s also a huge amount of content out there to compete with and people just don’t have the time to scroll through all those results.  And so every company wants to appear at the top of search results when someone searches for something that’s relevant to what they’re selling.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means raising your website’s profile within search engines to achieve this. There are numerous ways to improve your SEO and companies spend thousands of pounds and hours on it.

Below are some quick things you can do to:

  • Optimise your content for search engines
  • Get more website visits
  • Move up Google results page

Optimise your content for search engines using your website

A general tip is that great content on your website, that engages directly with your target audience and that is updated regularly, will make Google happy.  But it can be difficult to keep up with the rules of ‘good content’.

If you have a WordPress website, there a few invaluable plugins that will help you raise your ranking and constantly review your content so you stay in that top position.

The Yoast plugin should always be your first point of call, and should be reviewed and updated regularly.

Yoast uses a traffic light style scoring system so it’s very easy to see how you’re getting on.  Red signifies that your page or post needs more work to improve its SEO score.  Yoast will normally appear in the bottom of the editing screen of every post and page and will score you on readability and keyword usage.

See our blog  – 8 tips to get a good Yoast score – to find out more

The broken link checker is a small but powerful plugin for constantly reviewing your website content and flagging if there are any broken links. Google judges broken links harshly, considering it poor, outdated content. It is also frustrating for users and may reduce the time they spend engaging with your content.

Another aspect that can affect SEO is your site speed as it will raise your bounce rate. Your website visitors are frustrated by slow websites and Google will lower your ranking based on this. WP Optimise can help with this, decluttering your content and speeding up the site. W3 Total Cache is another WordPress plugin that will help with this issue, claiming to increase your site performance by 10 times.

Optimise your content for search engines using email

As well onsite SEO, it’s also important to think how offsite resources can boost your search rankings.

Content posted on social media or sent by email can have a positive effect by linking back to content on your website. This will increase traffic to your website, and specific content, and Google will then use this information to increase the value of the content and move it further up the rankings.

If you review your social media and email statistics regularly, it can give you invaluable insight into which content appeals to your target audience. By reacting to this, you can ensure that content on your website is relevant to your potential customers, improving visitor numbers and raising your search ranking.

Optimise your content for search engines using Hubspot

Continued engagement with your onsite content will massively boost your SEO, and Hubspot can help you maintain that.  Hubspot is based on inbound methodology, with marketing focused on enticing your potential customers to come to you through engaging, useful content.  And all that additional traffic will do wonders for your search rankings!

Hubspot has a multitude of tools to help you build your keyword strategy and analyse your search traffic.  It can help you identify your audience personas, place them within the buyer journey and target your content accordingly, even changing landing pages depending on who’s viewing the content.  Hubspot can also help you optimise your content in a similar way to Yoast.

See our blog – 8 tips to optimise your Hubspot content – to find out more

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