AAB “Potential”

AAB is an accountancy firm with offices in Aberdeen and Scottish Central Belt. They’d recently launched a product aimed at taking tech businesses from seed funding to IPO and needed to promote it as a viable alternative to services provided by KMPG, Deloitte, PWC and EY.

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Category Creative and campaigns

  • Creative Direction Anthony Mullinder
  • Copywriting Anthony Mullinder
  • Design Zoe Dyer

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Leigh Day: “Two Minutes’’

‘Two Minutes with Martyn Day’ is a short film that explores why Martyn became a lawyer, why he founded Leigh Day and how he manages to take his head and heart on the tube to work every morning.

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Category Creative and campaignsVideo and animation

  • Creative Direction Anthony Mullinder
  • Animation Scubaboy Inc
  • Studio Sonica Studios
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