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A flexible brand identity for a leading provider of medical equipment and medicine to the NHS.

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IEL is a provider of medical equipment to the NHS. They have a very specific portfolio of products and brands that they offer and have an excellent reputation for customer service.

When shaping the brand strategy we noticed that the majority of their competitors focused their brands around innovation or a mission to benefit the NHS. While these things were still true of IEL the real heart of their brand lay in their relationship with their customers and their understanding of the fact that it’s actually their customers that can achieve positive change for the NHS and patient care, not IEL.

The new brand was therefore built around a simple Mission Statement:

“Our company exists to help further the advancement of clinical medicine, help patients and nurture a sustainable NHS. We do this by identifying/creating the most innovative medical technology/product. We then get this into the hands of medical professionals”

The brand uses a flexible identity system based around movement and colour. This is combined with an approachable and slightly irreverent visual style that hints at the reasons customers use them and the solutions they provide.

Creative Direction: Anthony Mullinder
Art Direction: Rob Doble // Zoe Dyer
Photography: Edd Fury
Brand collateral design: Rob Doble
Animation: Paul Holt
Project Manager: Hannah Batey


IEL people portraits
IEL people portraits
IEL people portraits
IEL people portraits
IEL business card and cake
IEL People duotones
IEL business cards