Leigh Day “Haven’t you heard?”
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Leigh Day “Haven’t you heard?”

A Human Rights podcast designed and produced for a leading law firm

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‘Haven’t you heard?’ from Leigh Day is a podcast for everyone interested in the law, especially on human rights issues which affect us all.

In each episode Leigh Day lawyers discuss a topic with a special guest.

These include the former member of the band Communards and now vicar, Richard Coles who discusses LGBT rights, and Dawn Butler MP and her fight against the perceived institutional racism of the Home Office over the Windrush scandal.

The speakers unpick each subject, exploring the impact on people’s lives, the role the legal system plays in addressing these issues and what can be done to bring about positive change.

‘Haven’t you heard?’ is a conversational, accessible exploration of important issues affecting people’s human rights and the law in general.

Creative Direction: Anthony Mullinder
Art Direction: Justin Rickwood // Zoe Dyer
Photography: Edd Fury
Producer: Scubaboy
Presenter: Dave Neita
Project Management: Helen Sanders

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