Leigh Day: Two Minutes
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Leigh Day: Two Minutes

Helping a leading human rights law firm communicate what their brand stands for. This piece was featured on Channel 4 news.

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Leigh Day is an international human rights law firm.

We were asked to produce a piece of collateral for them that showcased their work over 12 months. The more we spoke the more we realised that the real issue was that nobody really understood the philosophy of the firm and what distinguished them from other players in the market. They were concerned about a false perception that they are a “trips and slips” outfit, when their goals and intentions are more rooted in issues of justice and corporate responsibility.

We took Martyn Day (founder) into Sonica Studios and interviewed him for one hour. We asked him about why he became a lawyer? What motivated him? How he felt about the legal system? This footage was then condensed into a tight two minutes, which was then storyboarded and animated by Jon Hardy at Scubaboy Inc.

The film has been a real success for the firm; helping them to articulate what they stand for internally and externally.

It has been viewed +400k times, played four times on Channel 4 news and has spawned a mini-series of films under the ‘Two Minutes’ banner.

Creative Direction: Anthony Mullinder
Animation: Scubaboy Inc
Studio: Sonica Studios

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