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Memery Crystal: Black Gin

Product design of a direct mail campaign for a niche, international law firm.

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Memery Crystal asked us to produce a bespoke gin that could be given to clients at Christmas.

The idea was to create a product that was memorable and produced a little moment people talked about.

We dyed the gin black and hid messages around the packaging, as well as painting lettering onto the bottle that only became visible when the liquid was drunk.

The product was really well received, with clients requesting to buy additional pieces and the Gin being used in dedicated BD activity.

Creative Direction: Anthony Mullinder
Copywriting: Anthony Mullinder
Product Design Zoe Dyer// Rob Doble
Photography: Edd Fury
Gin Production: Bohemian Brands

Memery Crystal Gin Detail Shot
Memery Crystal Gin Box Shot
Memery Crystal Gin Box Shot Close Up
Memery Crystal Gin Full Shot