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Silver Levene

Re-positioning a City accountancy firm as a “high-end” lifestyle brand.

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Silver Levene is a London based firm that provides accounting, taxation and advice to a variety of businesses and individuals. The firm also specialises in working with performers within the arts and agencies operating in the creative sector.

Our goal was to re-brand the firm to convey the spirit at the heart of the organisation. The firm understands people; their hopes, dreams, worries and fears – and we wanted that to be reflected in the visual identity of the brand.

The brand utilises a very emotive tone of voice, combined with a simple “fashion house” style visual identity. An orange colour palette was brought in to reflect the firms vibrancy and to enable them to stand out in a market of blues, reds and greys.

Creative Direction: Anthony Mullinder
Art Direction: Rob Doble
Website Design: Rob Doble// Zoe Dyer
Website Development: Tonya Lawrence
Photography: Edd Fury
Print advertising: Anthony Mullinder// Rob Doble
Animation: Paul Holt
Project Management: Helen Sanders

Silver Levene logo
Silver Levene - print ad
Silver Levene - VR Couple
Silver Levene Flyer
Silver Levene - Man with watch