Winckworth Sherwood fee earner photography shoot
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Winckworth Sherwood fee earner photography shoot

New fee earner photography with a “classic”, high-end art direction.

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To coincide with the launch of their new website, Winckworth Sherwood asked us to re-shoot all of their fee earners so they had better content for their profiles.

We shot approximately 60 people over a three day period, at their offices in Borough Market, London.

The art direction was designed to feel classic and high-quality, taking the lead from high-end fashion publications. Their fee earners are well respected and are the “heroes” of the firm, so we wanted each profile to feel like a more immersive editorial piece with each subject.

Creative Direction: Anthony Mullinder
Art Direction: Rob Doble// Anthony Mullinder
Photography: Edd Fury
Project Management: Hannah Batey

John Rees
Anita Rai
Roger Fitton
Tim Fogarty
Sabrina Cader