BKL “Finchley”

BKL is an accountancy firm based in the London Borough of Finchley. They asked us to develop a recruitment campaign designed to appeal to jaded commuters that were sick of getting the tube into the City every day. After all, why go to St Pauls when everything you need is already in Finchley?

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Category Creative and campaigns

  • Creative Direction Anthony Mullinder
  • Design Zoe Dyer
  • Design Rob Doble
  • Copywriting Anthony Mullinder

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Leigh Day: “Two Minutes’’

‘Two Minutes with Martyn Day’ is a short film that explores why Martyn became a lawyer, why he founded Leigh Day and how he manages to take his head and heart on the tube to work every morning.

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Category Creative and campaignsVideo and animation

  • Creative Direction Anthony Mullinder
  • Animation Scubaboy Inc
  • Studio Sonica Studios
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